Lady Evelyn Lake

Lady Evelyn Lake Fishing and Lodge Information

Imagine a place where the water runs clear, the fish grow big and Mother Nature surrounds you in all of its glorious splendour. Where your only backdrop is the rustic colours of the towering trees, and the only sounds are those made by the overabundant wildlife that inhabit the area alongside you. Welcome to Lady Evelyn Lake – Ontario’s own jewel of the northeast that combines the outdoors, fun and adventure all into one tremendous package.

Lady Evelyn Lake stretches more than 30 miles in length, encompassing an area of 20,000 acres of prime fishing real estate, all waiting for the next angler to reap its satisfying rewards. Occupying the Atlantic watershed, the waters of this magnificent lake flow both south and east, all in part to the Montreal, Ottawa and St. Lawrence rivers.

Located approximately six hours to the north of Toronto, Lade Evelyn is a true fly or boat-in retreat. With no roads allowing direct access to the waters edge, a short flight by aircraft, or a shuttle via one of the lodges boats are your only means for “landing” in this wilderness location. It’s no wonder that tranquility and Lady Evelyn go together like sliced bread and butter!

The fish run big in this part of the country, and for the most part, you can have the entire run of the lake to yourself. (And with 100’s of miles of shorelines to ply, finding your very own honey hole will never be a problem. Choosing what fish to target, however, might make things complicated!)

Troll the numerous islands and shoals for monster northern pike, or try tossing a topwater plug for some explosive smallmouth action. Walleye are a favourite target here in the north, and with the size they reach in these parts, bringing along a net is a mandatory requirement for getting them in the boat! For those looking to tempt their own taste buds, the scrumptious meat of the whitefish or abundant perch will leave you begging for more.

The fishing is not the only tempting part about Lady Evelyn. Located at the gateway to two huge parks – Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Wilderness Park and the Obabika Waterway Park – allows the visitor to enjoy the scenery and recreation that both of these areas hold. Grab a paddle and glide effortlessly around the intoxicating waterways, stopping on shore for a midday snack, or a refreshing dip in the clean water. Or take in the sights of the ever-present wildlife, be it deer, moose or the infamous loon. Binoculars and camera are a must for the nature lover in all of us, and the “Lady” will be sure to not let you down in the spectacles it provides.

Strap on your hiking boots and prepare to make your very own paths to adventure, or if you prefer, book a dog sledding adventure during the white of winter – whatever you choose, Lady Evelyn is the perfect place to truly get away from it all.

Come and stay at one of the superb lodges that call Lady Evelyn home. These knowledgeable hosts are here to make your retreat the perfect one, ensuring spotless accommodations, delicious home-cooked meals and insight into the tremendous fishing and recreation that abounds. From bait selection to fishing guides, every effort is made to ensure a relaxing and comfortable retreat. FUN is certainly their middle name!

Enjoying a breathtaking sunset or roasting marshmallows by the fire – the activities are endless when staying at these first-class resorts